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Joyce Carol Oates Gives Questionable Advice, and Other News

June 6, 2013 | by


  • “If you want to get the news from poems, you’ve come to the right place.” That would be the Boston Review
  • So much for reading being its own reward. This principal eats worms when his students meet reading goals.
  • Mandarin: a language uniquely well-suited to punning.
  • First-edition book clubs are, apparently, a thing. In the words of one friend, “We live in a sad and awesome time.”
  • “As an author with a half century of literary success behind me, I can assure you the only way to make it in this industry is to meet as many publishers as you possibly can and then fuck them.” Joyce Carol Oates, meet The Onion



  1. Winchester | June 21, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Bwahahahahahaha – JCO you absolute beaut! How at the age of 75 she can still be so utterly prolific I don’t know. The Onion article on how to get published – coming from her is epic 🙂 I read she has an interview lined up with Elaine Charles, the host of the Book Report Radio show. And having just read that Onion article (written by the great professor herself), I’m rather excited to listen in. I’m not sure about other cities, but in Atlanta it’s saturday morning. Check out the radio’s website for details – bookreportradio dotcom.

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