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Scary Children Reading, and Other News

December 6, 2012 | by

  • Even terrifying people love books.
  • “A bedbug had crawled out of a copy of True Blood while she was reading it.” When library books get bedbugs.
  • “It is awful to think I’ll probably be regarded as some sort of authority on Brazil the rest of my life.” Benjamin Moser on Elizabeth Bishop and her adopted homeland.
  • Might selling used books become illegal?
  • “Al and the TAs are like reality-show TV contestants: regular people who suddenly have a huge audience.” Elliott Holt takes an online literature course.



    1. GZ | December 6, 2012 at 10:20 am

      Perhaps the little person in the picture has been mistaken for an insidious gnome a member of the ‘fair folk’. I see why Melville House was scared. In fact, she is what we term a ‘human child’. As noted, they like to read and sometimes they look directly into photographic lenses. Then again, the mere notion of caring for a small sentient creature can inspire panic in some.

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