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The Paris Review No. 168, Winter 2003

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Michael Frayn on flops: “I realized that by their very nature flops don’t last for very long, and by their very nature successes do. So as time goes by it’s the successes that people tend to remember.”

Andrea Barrett explains how new stories begin: “My early drafts are staggeringly bad. I’m not being falsely modest here, it’s just the way I work, and I’ve had to accept this about myself.”

Stories by Andrea Barrett and Rick Bass. A play by William Kennedy. Poems by Isobel Dixon and William Olsen.

Table of Contents


Andrea Barrett, The Other Williamsburg

Rick Bass, Her First Elk

Adam Gilders, Two Shorts

Ben Greenman, No Friend of Mine

Bret Anthony Johnston, Anything That Floats


Andrea Barrett, The Art of Fiction No. 180  Full Text

Michael Frayn, The Art of Theater No. 15  Full Text


Philip Appleman, Leaving Things Unfinished

Elena Karina Byrne, Two Poems

Cathleen Calbert, Two Poems

Brian Culhane, Two Poems

Isobel Dixon, Days of Miracle and Wonder

Joel Friederich, Stopping by a Woods

Alice Rose George, Two Poems

Eliza Griswold Allen, Two Poems

Bryan M. Johnson, Lumi

Judith E. Johnson, Magna Mater

Cynthia Kraman, Visiting Haworth, Bront

Daniel Lewis, Three Poems

MaryJo Mahoney, Two Poems

John McCormack, Two Poems

John McKernan, He Could Feel the Night

William Olsen, Out of Love

Gretchen Primack, Child

David Ray, The Cleft

John Reibetanz, Lincoln Logs

Kay Sloan, Letter from the Aegean

Henry Sloss, Two Poems

Marilyn Talal, Vegetable Politics

Corey Thrasher, Two Poems

Daniel Tobin, Yeats at Balscadden

Wyatt Townley, Abyss

Charles Harper Webb, Erik Discovers, Among Other Things, His Hands

Theodore & Renèe Weiss, Command Performance

Daniel Wolff, It Must Be Cold in the Ground

Alison Woods, The Karma of Lost Objects

Mark Wunderlich, Two Poems


William Kennedy, In the System

Peter Morris, The Death of Tintagel


William Bailey, Untitled (Still Life)

Bradford Johnson, Painting Past Photographs