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Agha Shahid Ali

"The Purse-Seiner Atlantis"

Salon, April 2001

Black Pacific. 'Shahid, come here, quick.' A ship,
giant lantern held in its own light, the dark
left untouched, a phantom-ship with birds, no, moths…

Maya Angelou

92Y/The Paris Review Interview Series: Maya Angelou

92Y, January 1988

“I would be a liar, a hypocrite, or a fool—and I’m not any of those—to say that I don’t write for the reader. I do. But for the reader who hears, who really will work at it, going behind what I seem to say. So I write for myself and that reader who will pay the dues.”

Sarah Arvio


Salon, November 2002

Why was a sole an only and a foot?
Why was soul not solar, not solid?

Paul Auster

Hand to Mouth

SummerStage, August 2003

It was the spring of my senior year, just weeks before I was supposed to graduate. Out of nowhere, a man turned up on the Columbia campus and started causing a stir…

Miles Becker

Four Poems

Salon, November 2001

Do you mock me, Musil?
I have not read you yet
—nor you me . . .

Priscilla Becker

Selected Readings

Salon, December 2000

I forgot to tell you my husband
died. He was in Spain and something
strange happened with alcohol or water. He loved them
both so much…

Nathaniel Bellows

"Liberty Island"

Salon, November 2002

They carried the lamps out as if they were children.
Rugs were laid out on the grass, or beaten
with a shovel on the clothesline…

Jim Carroll


Salon, April 2001

Sat for three days in a white room
A tiny truck of white flowers
was driving through the empty window…

Billy Collins

"On Turning Ten"

Cipriani, October 2003

I evolved like many people from a gatecrasher at 72nd Street to an invited guest. That took about fifteen years, but I was finally accepted…