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Prizes are awarded annually at the Spring Revel by the Editorial Committee of the Board of The Paris Review.

The Paris Review Hadada

The Hadada Award is presented each year to “a distinguished member of the writing community who has made a strong and unique contribution to literature.” Previous recipients of the Hadada include John Ashbery, Joan Didion, Paula Fox, Norman Mailer, Peter Matthiessen, George Plimpton (posthumously), Barney Rosset, Philip Roth, Norman Rush, James Salter, Frederick Seidel, Robert Silvers, and William Styron.

The Plimpton Prize for Fiction

The Plimpton Prize for Fiction is an award of $10,000 given to a new voice published in The Paris Review. The prize is named for the Review’s longtime editor George Plimpton and reflects his commitment to discovering new writers of exceptional merit. Past recipients include April Ayers LawsonAmie Barrodale, Jesse Ball, Emma ClineCaitlin Horrocks, Atticus LishAlistair Morgan, Ottessa Moshfegh, and Benjamin Percy.

The Terry Southern Prize for Humor

The Paris Review recognizes humor, wit and sprezzatura as important qualities of good writing. The Terry Southern Prize honors work appearing in the last year, either in the Paris Review or the Paris Review Daily, that best embodies those qualities. It is given in memory of our loyal contributor Terry Southern, known for his uproarious fiction and journalism and such screenplays as Dr. Strangelove and Easy Rider. Past recipients include Elif BatumanJ. D. DanielsBen Lerner, Mark Leyner, and Adam Wilson.


The Paris Review Hadada

2016: Lydia Davis

2015: Norman Rush

2014: Frederick Seidel

2013: Paula Fox

2012: Robert Silvers

2011: James Salter

2010: Philip Roth

2009: John Ashbery

2008: Peter Matthiessen

2007: Norman Mailer

2006: Joan Didion

2005: George Plimpton (posthumously)

2004: William Styron

2003: Barney Rosset


Plimpton (Discovery) Prize

2016: David Szalay, Issues 213 and 215, for “Youth” and “Lascia Amor e siegui Marte

2015: Atticus Lish, Issue 210, for “Jimmy

2014: Emma Cline, Issue 205, for “Marion

2013: Ottessa Moshfegh, Issues 202 and 204, for “Disgust” and “Bettering Myself” 

2012: Amie Barrodale, Issue 197, for “William Wei” 

2011: April Ayers, Issue 194, for “Virgin” 

2010: Caitlin Horrocks, Issue 188, for “At the Zoo” 

2009: Alistair Morgan, Issue 185, for “Departure” 

2008: Jesse Ball, Issue 183, for “The Early Deaths of Lubeck, Brennan, Harp, and Carr” 

2007: Benjamin Percy, Issue 180, for “Somebody Is Going to Have to Pay for This

2006: (none)

2005: (none)

2004: Malinda McCollum, Issue 171, for “The Fifth Wall

2003: Yiyun Li, Issue 167, for “Immortality

2002: Wells Tower, Issue 161, for “The Brown Coast

2001: John Barlow, Issue 160, “Eating Mammals” 

2000: Karl Iagnemma, Issue 157, “On the Nature of Human Romantic Interaction” 

1999: Daniel Libman, Issue 150, “In the Belly of the Cat” 

1998: Julie Orringer, Issue 149, “When She Is Old and I Am Famous” 

1997: Martin McDonagh, Issue 142, “The Cripple of Inishmaan” 

1996: Elizabeth Gilbert, Issue 141, “The Famous Torn and Restored Lit Cigarette Trick” 

1995: Lise Goett, Issue 133, “Three Poems” 

1994: Vikram Chandra, Issue 130, “Dharma” 

1993: Marcia Guthridge, Issue 128, “Bones


The Terry Southern Prize for Humor

2016: Chris Bachelder

2015: Mark Leyner

2014: Ben Lerner

2013: J. D. Daniels

2012: Adam Wilson

2011: Elif Batuman


Aga Khan Prize

2004: Annie Proulx, Issue 171, “The Wamsutter Wolf” 

2003: Michael Chabon, Issue 166, for "The Final Solution" 

2002: Denis Johnson, Issue 162, for “Train Dreams” 

2001: Maile Meloy, Issue 158, “Aqua Boulevard” 

2000: Marcel Moring, Issue 155, “East Bergholt” 

1999: Robert Antoni, Issue 152, “My Grandmother's Tale of How Crab-o Lost His Head” 

1998: Will Self, Issue 146, “Tough Tough Toys for Tough Tough Boys” 

1997: David Foster Wallace, Issue 144, “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men #6” 

1996: Patricia Eakins, Issue 140, “The Garden of Fishes” 

1995: A. S. Byatt, Issue 133, “The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye” 

1994: Rick Moody, Issue 131, “The Ring of Brightest Angels around Heaven” 

1993: Charles D'Ambrosio, Issue 126, “Her Real Name” 

1992: Joanna Scott, Issue 123, “A Borderline Case” 

1991: Jeffrey Eugenides, Issue 117, “The Virgin Suicides” 

1990: Larry Woiwode, Issue 114, “Summer Storms” 

1989: John Banville, Issue 113, “The Book of Evidence” 

1987: Ben Okri, Issue 105, “The Dream-Vendor's August” 

1985: Michael Covino, Issue 94, “Monologue of the Movie Mogul” 

1984: Norman Rush, Issue 93, “Instruments of Seduction” 

1983: Charlie Smith, Issue 88, “Crystal River” 

1982: T. Coraghessan Boyle, Issue 84, “Greasy Lake” 

1979: Norman Lock, Issue 76, “The Love of Stanley Marvel & Claire Moon” 

1978: Dallas Wiebe, Issue 73, “Night Flight to Stockholm” 

1977: C. W. Gusewelle, Issue 70, “Horst Wessel” 

1976: Bart Midwood, Issue 66, “John O'Neill versus the Crown” 

1975: David Evanier, Issue 61, “Cancer of the Testicles” 

1974: Lamar Herrin, Issue 59, “The Rio Loja Ringmaster” 

1973: Paul West, Issue 57, “Tan Salaam” 

1967: Christina Stead, Issue 40, “George” 

1965: Jeremy Larner, Issue 33, “Oh, the Wonder!” 

1962: Albert Guerard, Issue 28, “The Lusts & Gratification of Andrada” 

1961: Thomas Whitbread, Issue 24, “The Rememberer” 

1958: Philip Roth, Issue 19, “Epstein” 

1956: Gina Berriault, Issue 12, “Around the Dear Ruin” 

1956: John Langdon, Issue 12, “The Blue Serge Suit” 

1956: Owen Dodson, Issue 12, “The Summer Fire” (2nd Prize:)


Bernard F. Conners Prize for Poetry

2004: Jeremy Glazier, Issue, 170, “Conversations with the Sidereal Messenger,” and Danielle Pieratti, Issue 170, Five Poems. 

2003: Julie Sheehan, Issue 167, for “Brown-headed Cow Birds” 

2002: Timothy Donnelly, Issue 164, “His Long Imprison'd Thought” 

2001: Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Issue 160, “Circus Fire, 1944” 

2000: Corey Marks, Issue 155, “Renunciation” 

2000: Christopher Patton, Issue 157, “Broken Ground” 

1999: J. D. McClatchy, Issue 152, “Tattoos” 

1998: Neil Azevedo, Issue 148, “Caspar Hauser Songs” 

1998: Sherod Santos, Issue 149, “Elegy for My Sister” 

1997: John Drury, Issue 145, “Burning the Aspern Papers” 

1996: Sarah Arvio, Issue 140, “Visits from the Seventh” 

1996: John Voiklis, Issue 139, “The Princeling's Apology” 

1995: Vijay Seshadri, Issue 137, “Lifeline” 

1994: Marilyn Hacker, Issue 131, “Cancer Winter” 

1994: Stewart James, Issue 132, “Vanessa” 

1993: Stephen Yenser, Issue 129, “Blue Guide” 

1992: Tony Sanders, Issue 126, “The Warning Track” 

1991: Donald Hall, Issue 123, “Museum of Clear Ideas” 

1990: Christopher Logue, Issue 117, “Kings” 

1989: Jorie Graham, Issue 110, “Spring” 

1988: David Lehman, Issue 106, “Mythologies” 

1985: James Schuyler, Issue 96, “A Few Days” 

1984: Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Issue 94, “Imaginary Prisons” 

1984: Sharon Ben-Tov, Issue 93, “Carillon for Cambridge Women” 

1986: John Koethe, Issue 102, “Mistral” 

1982: Gerald Stern, Issue 83, “Father Guzman” 

1981: Frank Bidart, Issue 80, “The War of Vaslav Nijinsky”


John Train Humor Prize

1991: Dan Leone, Issue 125, “Spinach 1991” 

1990: Robie Macauley, Issue 114, “Silence”; “Exile”; “Cunnning” 

1990: Padgett Powell, Issue 115, “Mr. Irony”; “Mr. Irony Renounces Irony” 

1989: Edna O'Brien, Issue 110, “Dramas” 

1987: David Foster Wallace, Issue 106, “Little Expressionless Animals” 

1985: Stephen Dixon, Issue 97, “Goodbye to Goodbye” 

1984: T. Coraghessan Boyle, Issue 93, “The Hector Quesadilla Story” 

1970: Paul Spike, Issue 49, “Specks Saga” 

1968: Mordecai Richler, Issue 42, “A Liberal Education” 

1966: Rosalyn Drexler, Issue 38, “Dear” 

1964: Stanley Elkin, Issue 32, “The Great Sandusky” 

1961: Hughes Rudd, Issue 26, “Miss Eulayla is the Sweetest Thang” 

1961: Bowden Broadwater, Issue 25, “Ciao” 

1959: Terry Southern, Issue 21, “Grand Guy Grand”